Sunday, 26 April 2009

On the needles - wobbly cable shawlyshrug thing

I had quite a bit of teal BlueSky Alpaca left over from the crochet dress I finished in Nov. Love the colour so much - not one I would've considered before my best mate's wedding.

Seeing as my new year's resolution this year was to make more stuff for myself than anyone else, I've decided I need something to brighten up the multitude of black in my wardrobe, needs to be multifunctional - warm up a tank for a summer evening & keep the cold out in spring & summer.

Keep seeing shawls that turn into shrugs popping up everywhere so let's have a go at one of those. Dead easy once you've picked the pattern you want on the thing - make sure it's wide enough to go round my bingo wings and remember to put buttonholes every 10cm in the border on one side for the length of an arm at either end (I've ripped it back a few time having got carried away in the knitting).

So this is where I'm at with it. I started it in a flight to Bali at the end of March thinking it would be a good holiday project. But I didn't like the pattern I picked and 35C + humidity don't mix well with wool.

Anyway, ripped the whole lot back when i got home & started again. Hope to finish it by the end of May. Then planning to start an openwork black Cashcotton one with some kind of sparkle (beads or lurex, can't decide).

Hot off the needles - Rowan Eerie

Love love love Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Thought I'd died & gone to heaven when I saw this gorgeous plum shade (qui moi, exaggerate much?). I HAD TO HAVE IT.

Made Eerie. Super light lace knit. Tge pattern saud to ruche the front but that just made mu already ample bosom look rediculous. It came out a bit big so I pulled in the back a bit with a ribbon (see next post).

Hot off the needles - Rowan Iceland

Finished this at Xmas but only just got round to taking a pic. Substituted Rowan Cocoon yarn for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

The Cashmerino doesn't have as much stretch as the Cocoon so had to support the bottom rib by weaving in thin bracelet elastic in the back to give a snug fit (almost too snug at the mo but it kind of does the same job as support pants!)

City & Guilds

Working on my Handknitting City & Guilds in the sunshine :)

Pie kia

Spotted this when I was in Singapore recently. Made me guffaw out loud on the street (to the alarm of quite a few locals!).

Not only the reference to Ikea but that it sounds a bit like 'Pikey' ;)

For you none Brits 'Pikey' is a derogatory British slang term for a low class citizen, usually living a gypsy life and often into petty theft and larceny. Once they get settled in a permanent dwelling (usually on a council estate) they upgrade to 'Chav'.

Hot off the needles - The A team

Made these last night for the Admin team girls at work (me included).

We've been working our arses off (like everyone else in the company, I hasten to add!) and I thought a sparkly Admin team badge would bring a little light relief to a Monday morning ;)

Can't claim the idea as my own - was inspired by Angela Knipe
She makes some really cool stuff :D


I've been quiet for FAR too long. Shocking behaviour...

Made these for lovely Vics ages ago and got a pic recently :)