Friday, 30 October 2009

Wycinaki papercuts

Went to a really inspiring Wycinaki (Polish paper cutting) exhibition at the Horniman museum on 27th September. Incredible detail and all done purely with coloured paper - each colour change is a different layer of paper. Traditionally the paper cuts were be done with unweildy manual sheep shears. Crazy!

Market stall

Forgot to post this back in September! My first forray into market stalls, as showcased on my friend Be's stall at the Muswell Hill Festival:


My entry to Bloom's pumkin carving competition. Jase's nittin logo made 3D ;-)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Strawberry tea cosy

Been meaning to post this for a while - it was a birthday present for end of Sept so I couldn't post it before and then it slipped my mind! really cool kit from Laughing Hens.

I loved the design so much I've improvised a cute Strawberry hat for my niece who's 2 on Halloween. I'll post it as soon as I have a pic of her in it.

I've also received my first pattern request through Ravelry :-D for the space invader mittens I made ages ago. It's the first pattern I've written up but hopefully won't be the last.

Friday, 23 October 2009


It's about time I posted a pic of the cats.

This is Benny - he's incredibly sweet natured, epileptic and a bit daft because of it. Favourite place to sit is in a dark hallway on dark flooring, preferably in a doorway or some other kind of thoroughfare or in an upsidedown C shape on the sofa

This is Nina - she likes sitting on my knitting so much I had to make her a cat bag. She's almost as daft as Benny but doesn't have the epilepsy as an excuse. She also has a habit of turning on you without warning, usually when you think you're having a nice time giving her a bit of a tickle. Favourite resting place is on my pillow, having gradually pushed my head off it without waking me up.