Friday, 9 September 2011

Footlocker on Oxford Street - look what I made!

Display plinth & alarm cosies

Unfortunately they wouldn't let me rearrange the alarm cosies so they don't sag, but a girl can't have everything...

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Converse/Footlocker 'Threads' ad campaign

I’ve had a bit of an exciting secret squirrel knitting project on the go recently which has finally launched.

Several yarn artists were asked to come up with yarn bombing concepts for various for a viral ad for Converse & Footlocker, to launch Converse's new Padded Cuff shoe.  

I was commissioned to produce various cuffs and cosies for street furniture – lamp posts, trees, benches, fencing, scaffold poles etc. 

You can see the ad here:  


I was also involved in making some pieces for the in-store activation in flagship stores in London, Berlin and Milan, including cuffs for the door alarms, cosies for shop window plinths to put the shoes on, a massive advertising pillar in Berlin and cosies for bikes to go outside the store.  Pics below of the Berlin store which launched yesterday - really pleased with the way everything turned out.

Monday, 5 September 2011

The excellent Kate Jenkins

I love Kate Jenkins quirky and humorous crochet work. Happily she's got an exhibition on until 24th Sept at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery on Charlotte St, London W1.

Absolute genius

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