Sunday, 3 April 2011

A lesson in dye lots

I had two dye lots for yarn to make up a cushion and baby blanket a while ago. I had enough of one dyelot for the cushion and the rest for the blanket. I couldn't tell the difference between them in natural light in any case so it shouldn't matter right?

Wrong. So very wrong.

I made the blanket first and before I made up the cushion cover I thought I'd better compare them 'just in case'. Bloody good job I did - the cushion cover was much yellower and slightly lighter than the blanket. The difference wasn't discernible between two small balls of yarn but very obvious when knitted up in a big piece.

Lesson learned. Only ever use the same dye lot when making matching stuff (or be prepared to throw your work across the room and call it a C U Next Tuesday several times when you realise only a reknit will do)

@*#!ing Cushion cover left

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