Saturday, 16 January 2010

Off the needles - Xmas knit list

Just realised I forgot to post a couple of things I made for Xmas presents but couldn't post before in case I spoiled the surprise!

On top of all the knitting I also made ecosoy wax candles, but in my rush to get them done completely forgot to take pictures. Nevermind, once you've seen a candle you've seen them all really, until the internet gets smell-o-vision!

We Call Them Pirates hat for my brother

Socks for 'him indoors' (he actually got them in October when I'd finished them but technically they're still a Christmas present)

Benny was quite interested in the photoshoot!

Tea cosy, scarf and candle. The cosy turned out a bit big as I was working in the dark in terms of sizing :-(

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