Saturday, 10 July 2010

I am steeking...

This is the terrifying Scandinavian process of cutting (yes, you heard right!) circular knitting to create a flat piece of work.

"Why bother?!" I hear you cry.

My thoughts exactly at this point. What the hell was I thinking?

At the time I started this endeavour I was wooed by the news that knitting complex intarsia patterns in the round gives much better tension than flat knitting (which I've discovered is true and has been a turning point in my hate hate relationship with intarsia thus far). Plus you're always starting your pattern from the right hand side of the chart.

For steeking:
1. take your lovingly knitted tube of complex patterning
2. Sew vertical lines either side of two columns of stitches with tiny sewing machine stitches (leaving a 2 stitch gap between).
3. Take sharp scissors, a deep breath and a swig of Rescue Remedy then CUT in-between the 2 stitches you left as a gap between your sewn columns
4. Cross your fingers and hope the whole thing doesn't unravel
5. Laugh hysterically with relief and punch the air when it doesn't

I'm at point 2. I'll let you know when the air punching commences...

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