Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Curse of the OCD Sock Knitter

In which our nimble fingered sock knitter swears a lot and throws cashmere across the room in a big old huff...

So. I'm on my 4th redo of my other half's birthday socks (his birthday was Monday) and I've only got myself to blame.
It's this great pattern Riff with a nifty running stitch cross pattern over the instep and up the back heel.

Of course muggings here couldn't possibly knit the socks in the recommended yarn.  Oh no, only the best Mongolian cashmere for my loved one. It has the same stitch gauge as the recommended yarn but a very different row gauge (who has time to do a full swatch for socks these days?!?)

What I couldn't forsee is that when the row gauge is different the lovely crosses in the pattern don't line up. It took me 2 redo's to work this out. Throw in a couple of rows of tired knitting when I crossed stitches in the wrong direction and the thing gets thrown across the room and called a C U Next Tuesday more times than I can count on one hand.

"Don't worry about it" says my love "no one's going to notice, I can't tell the difference so no one else will." Ah yes my dear, but I'll see it every time you put your feet up on the coffee table in front of the telly and It. Will. Drive. Me. Nuts.

So, redo number 4 and we're as far as the heel turn. Lessons have been learned:
1. Do a full swatch of the pattern (especially meeting points on travelling stitches)
2. Don't knit complicated things when tired (I already knew this but ignored it)
3. Socks take longer than I think to knit of there's a deadline involved

Finger's crossed I don't cock it up when it gets to integrating the heel pattern with the instep...

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