Sunday, 3 August 2008

Holiday finds

Just back from a glorious holiday in Corfu, staying in a quiet little secluded villa on the East coast of the island. This is the view from the plunge pool (left), you might just be able to see the Albanian mountains in the distance.

And this is the local beach (right). Smug mode on.

If I was cheesy and overly romantic, I would say the whole week was like falling in love with Captain Eco all over again, but I couldn't stand the responsibility of making so many people uncontrollably heave. So I won't say it out loud ;-P

My wooldar was on full alert and after wandering around Corfu town for a few hours with half an eye out for a wool shop (just in case), I loudly proclaimed that it didn't look like there was a wool shop in Corfu Town after all. I turned my head to the left and found myself facing a display of yarn! I bought this lime green wool/acrylic mix because, let's face it, when something like that happens it would be rude not to. Plus I'm a true believer that one should buy wool in every country one visits.

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