Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Rowan Saffron progress

Ok, so the knitting bit is complete - my favourite bit, natch. Onto embroidering the details, which I thought would take a couple of hours. Ha ha ha, wishful thinking. 8 hours of embroidery later on bank holiday Monday with Alien3 and The Terminal as background... I sat so still my arse went numb!

(halfway through embroidery on the back)
It looks fantastic with the embroidery and I'm really pleased but I NEVER IMAGINED it would take so long . Ok, so I'm not one of life's natural needleworkers, but what I lack in technique I make up for in enthusiasm and speed when I've got the hang of it.

Just the making up to do now and then finished! No idea why the finishing takes so long though. It's like going into a knitting induced timewarp. By the time I'm halfway up the sleeve I'm already thinking about the next project and wanting to get it DONE.

Last night, spent 1 hour sewing the left sleeve onto the body. 1/2 an hour to get halfway through attaching the right sleeve before I got too tired to do any more. Hoping that another 2-3 hours will finish attaching right sleeve, sew up the sides of the body and the sleeve seams and sew on the buttons.

As I obviously wildly underestimate the amount of time it takes me to make stuff, I've been trying to work out how long it's taken me to make this garment. My money's on about 90 - 100 hours in total over 6 weeks but I'm going to log time on the next project as a reality check.

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