Saturday, 19 July 2008

On the needles

Been meaning to update what's on my fine Swiss Army Needles (my nickname for my Harmony interchangeable needles - my favourite bit of knitting kit.

VK Knitted Hoodie
This is my 'commuter train to work' project which gets an even blend of curious and 'crazy lady what a freak' type looks. I think most of the other commuter are gradually getting used to me knitting in the mornings. Occasionally it sparks a conversation with fellow knitters, which is always a good thing. It's coming along nicely, if slowly because of the complex lace panel:

hood and front panel
close up of Frost Flower lace pattern
Knitty Halterneck
Using a substitution yarn (I can never find the exact yarn for US patterns so using Patons DK cotton bought on ebay), measured my yardage carefully but got through it more quickly than I'd anticipated (pattern requires doubled up DK). Thought I might be able to get away with it but it's way too short. Have some 4ply in the dark purple I can triple up to get the same weight but that means ripping back the tummy section and extending the dark purple down. Which I haven't been able to bring myself to do yet - I'm too irritated with the fact it hasn't worked first time. We're going on holiday on Monday so I'd better get a move on if I'm going to wear it on hols...

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