Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Sock Massive

This is the Legendary* Sock Massive.

One of Crafty Chick's first projects, knitted on double pointed needles with a great deal of swearing, several throws across her living room and a certain amount of unravelling. She's now a happy convert to the 2 circular needle school of sock knitting (as am I):
view the 'on two circular needles' video

To the right is her boyfriend's actual sock size. And an average banana (just so you know he doesn't have childs feet).

I like to think that so much love and effort have gone into that sock that it's swollen it to giant Shrek-like proportions. It gives us all the giggles everytime we see it.

*legendary within our Crafty group, at any rate.

1 comment:

Birdage said...

The Sock Massiiive was the bane of my life for some time. Now it has been elevated to legendary status, I feel the angst was worth it. I think I should now finish the heel section, just for good measure. Maybe I'll meet a giant in my life, possibly even with one leg, who will be happy to have The Sock Massiiive.