Friday, 29 August 2008

Rowan Saffron - finished!

Yay! I'm finished! Making up is always the hardest bit for me - much prefer the knitting of it. One day I might try out a finishing service as they're bound to do a far better job than me. Anyway - here's the finished garment. Much better in the flesh. Winging it's way to Captain Eco's mum this very afternoon :-)

Right, now onto Pretty as a Peacock shawl V1. The first version will be a prototype so I can work out how to modify it into a cape size as I go along (in a dashing Deep Purple). Once I've worked out the mods, the final proper version is for my best mate to wear to her wedding (some shade of soft/off-white with beads or something).

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SYLVIE said...

that's a very pretty cardigan!